sun over the Worth Valley

the sun over the valley

It has been a difficult couple of weeks. Two weekends ago I was in London, having the time of my life, visiting an old friend, seeing the sights, lurking in Brompton Cemetery at night. Unfortunately I brought a nasty case of bronchitis home with me. Recent events in the US election cycle have raised the fog of ancient trauma, making it impossible to see much of anything with any clarity. I didn’t know what image should go along with this post, so I chose one of the sun over the valley. That was a foggy morning, but by noon the sun had burned it off. Let that be my way of showing myself that a clear day is coming.

What I’ve been thinking about lately is balance. It’s an ongoing theme, I think, when one is living a creative but divided life. On one hand, I’ve got the publishing, where all of my creativity goes into turning other people’s words and images into books. On the other hand, I’ve got all of my words and artwork. One of these is being sacrificed for the other, and I bet you can guess which is which.

Now is not the time for taking action on this imbalance, but soon — when illness is no longer a factor and my personal equilibrium has been restored, another week or so I’d guess. Right now I just want to put it out there, a little reminder to myself. It will be a kind of adventure, trying new work/play models over the next few months, narrowing down what it is I mean when I say balance. The trick really is in being clear about what one wants.