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Setting up the Studio

I’ve been back in England for eight months now. You wouldn’t think it would take so long to feel comfortable in your working space, but it can, especially if your space isn’t conducive to your work. The problem I had was that I put everything in the studio: art and book binding supplies, computers, printers, paperwork, the whole lot of it. It was a lovely haven for working on the computer, and horrible for working with anything else. This week, that all changed when we turned our dining room into the home office, leaving my studio free of all tech forevermore.

The entire atmosphere of the room changed. It is more open, for one thing, but it is also more welcoming. When I walk into that room now it feels as though it wants me to start a project, to put some paint on paper, to make text blocks, to sew. After two days, one of the tables is already cluttered with bits and bobs as I refamiliarize myself with my tools, and get things put into their proper places.

It’s the little things, like knowing where the cloth is you use to dry your brushes. Like finding that one box of random bookbinding supplies among the many boxes full of bones, leaves, and shells. It’s the big things, like feeling like an artist again, an artist who can wield a glue brush as easily as she does a keyboard.

Has England been good to us since we returned? Yes, she has indeed. But it wasn’t until my studio felt like a studio that England felt like home.


  • Humberto

    1st September 2016

    Studio sweet studio.

  • Aidan Wachter

    27th August 2017

    Oh, do I know this! Also, I think I might covet your clamps.

    • Erzebet

      27th August 2017

      Ha! Those clamps come in handy for all sorts of things.

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