Mixed media. Assemblage. Paint.

Bones, stones, and foundlings.

Here is where the spirit thrives. 10cm x 30cm. 2017. Mixed media: Victorian iron key, leaf skeletons, dried poppy petals, pressed leaves, gouache, hemp twine on stretched canvas.

Conjuration of the Wise. 10cm x 30cm. 2014. Mixed media: stained paper, gouache, copper, thread, pressed poppy petals on stretched canvas.

MAGICK 4 TERRI: THE FOXES. The Grand Finale of Mr. Fox by C.S.E. Cooney. 5in x 7in. Fox bones, sinew, dried leaves, stones.

Carne Vale by Sonya Taaffe. 5in x 7in. Bones, dried flowers, dislocated book cover, paper, mull.

MAGICK 4 TERRI: THE FOXES. The Tall house of Mr. Fox by Caitlin Paxson. 2011. 5in x 7in. Created for a fundraising auction to benefit editor, artist, and writer Terri Windling. Fox bones, sinew, dried flowers, stones.