Category: stories I’ve written

Original fiction, some previously published, most unpublished.


Sleeping Helena

A broken mirror becomes a portal to a dark day in a distant past that shattered the lives of Helena’s family and altered the future of an entire kingdom.

in the woods

The Long, Sweet Smell of Home

The air changed, grew soft, the birds ceased their singing, and the sun came out from behind a luminous cloud. I squinted — yes, the veil was lifting, shredding, tearing there before my very eyes. I smiled. The slightest crack between the worlds had opened. All was as it should be in her playing, and home lay just around the bend.

Haunted Legends

Haunted Legends

Haunted Legends includes my story “Following Double-Face Woman”, inspired by my time in small-town Nebraska where ghosts roamed the streets thick as crows on a battlefield.

Running With The Pack

Running With The Pack includes my story “Inside Out” about a young woman undergoing a transformation.


Jane Strange

He’d said the queen would change him, but that had meant nothing to Jane. Nothing, until she saw the queen smile and felt Tim’s body beneath her shift, grow small, smaller, until she held a fine babe in her arms.

blue moon

The Sea Witch in Retirement

Most witches discern a client’s need before accepting payment. Mea, most witches agreed, lived dangerously.


A Prince’s Kiss

“I know,” she said, her voice a ruin from disuse, yet still more pleasant to my ears than any sound I’d heard. “I know why you woke me.”

The Bone Whistle

The Bone Whistle

My first novel, published by Juno Books and released in March, 2007, was written under a pseudonym for the sake of scientific experimentation. This title is now available as an ebook from Masque Books.