Born Like an Artist by Jellyvampire

Born Like an Artist

I used to think I had no imagination. When I first started drawing and painting, I could copy a pre-existing work line by line, color by color, so well you could hardly tell the difference between the two. I could fill in pre-existing lines, I could paint inside the lines beautifully. But ask me to draw my own thing, something out of my own imagination, and I drew a blank. I drew a thing, held it up to another thing, and if they didn’t look the same, my version was all wrong. No one ever told me about personal style, and if they would have, I’d have said I have none.

One day I painted a picture with no lines. I shut myself up as I did. Told that tiny voice to go bother some other poor soul, leave me alone until I get this painting done. I erased from my mind every painting I’d ever seen. I looked at that board, all gessoed and shining white, and I put some color on it. At that moment, the only thing that mattered was the color, not what anyone else had ever done.

I was reminded of that day when I found this online. It’s by Jellyvampire and it is called “Born Like an Artist”. I’m not going to write anything else, because this says it all. This is quite long, but worth every frame.

Born Like An Artist by Jellyvampire