The Bone Whistle


My first novel, The Bone Whistle, published by Juno Books and released in March, 2007, was written under a pseudonym for the sake of scientific experimentation. This title is now available as an ebook from Masque Books.

Read the reviews:

The Broadsheet: "...what keeps a reader in the book are the characters and the setting; we can see ourselves in Swan's people, and the world created in the novel is at least different enough to draw readers along, just to see what the author does with it. One hopes to see more and improved work from this writer, if for no other reason than to know what else might come from Swan's obviously fertile imagination."

Blog Critics: "The Bone Whistle moves along quickly and is packed with action until the last page."

BookLoons: "Eva Swan's The Bone Whistle is a fast-paced, romantic fantasy. However, unlike most fantasy today, the world her heroine enters is not taken from Western European mythology so prevalent in the genre, but rather the world of the wanaghi, or Native American fey... [and] is a refreshing take on a genre that has been inundated in recent years."

Round Table Reviews: "THE BONE WHISTLE is the first book by Eva Swan. There is a buzz on the 'Net that the novel should actually be attributed to well known self taught artisan Erzebet YellowBoy, but this cannot be substantiated with certainty." (author's note: this cracks me up...) "THE BONE WHISTLE is a fascinating book that deals with an enthralling subject matter in a superb manner. Eva Swan succeeds in making the alternate world seem real and touchable, yet just far enough out of reach that the protagonist needs to actively grab a hold of it and all it offers. Young readers will enjoy the changing narrators that speak of the events as the story takes place, while the romance aficionados will also get their due. A great book for the enjoyment of those who like to sit down with a good fantasy read that incorporates Native American lore cleverly overset with the old Celtic mythology of the little people."

Book Fetish: "As with previous releases from the relatively new imprint Juno, this book is a stunner. Much like a steaming espresso, it's a great shot of really hot, really tight fiction poured into small package that packs a hard punch. And I must say, it's about damn time we heard something from this sector. Faery fiction is always flooding out of places like the British Isles and France. Even Asia and the Viking-lands have their own faery stories, but it's rare to hear anything from the Native American side. I truly enjoyed this piece, as I have with most of the Juno selections, and I'm hoping that a sequel is released as one is truly needed."