Once Upon A Time: New Fairy Tales


This collection of newly imagined fairy tales includes my story "The Mirror Tells All" as well as stories from some of my favourite authors.You can buy a copy for yourself at Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, and The Book Depository, and of course in a lot of other places online, both in print and digital editions.

Eighteen extraordinary authors devise all-new fairy tales: imaginative reinterpretations of the familiar, evocative new myths, speculations beyond the traditional realm of "once upon a time." Often dark, occasionally humorous, always enthralling, these stories find a certain Puss in a near-future New York, an empress bargaining with a dragon, a princess turned into a raven, a king's dancing daughters with powerful secrets, great heroism, terrible villainy, sparks of mischief, and a great deal more. Brilliant dreams and dazzling nightmares with meaning for today and tomorrow . . .