Jabberwocky: a miniature book


A tiny Jabberwocky special commission, a one-off copy of the poem Jabberwocky, by Lewis Carroll.

This book measures 2 inches wide by three inches high and contains illustrations from the original Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There published in 1872.

I chose the cloth because it reminds me of an England obsessed with Orientalism, as it was in Carroll's day. Fortunately I had one glass bead to match and a ribbon to tie into the spine. Signatures were sewn in and endbands were added and the final result was yet another tiny book with which I didn't really want to part. Alas, I had to send it off as it was meant to be a birthday present for the lucky wife of a friend of mine.Word on the street is that she loved it, and he who had it commissioned loved it, too. This is the best result any artist can ever hope for.

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