Fairy Tale Friday with Angie Rega


Angie Rega is a Sydney-based writer and graduate of Clarion South. Over on her blog she's been running Fairy Tale Friday, where she asks a variety of authors five questions about fairy tales, including my personal favorite, what is a fairy tale. That one is my favorite because there are as many answers as there are scholars, writers, and readers. Everytime someone does answer it, I learn something new.

Angie has so far had Margo Lanagan, Leife Shallcross, Elizabeth Carroll, Kathleen Jennings, Kate Forsyth, Mary Elizabeth Burroughs, and a whole host of others appear for Fairy Tale Friday. Today it is my turn.

Here is one of the five questions Angie asked us:If you could invite three fairy tale characters to dinner, who would it be? And why?"

I would love to sit down and share a cackle or two with Mother Hulda, Baba Yaga, and Frau Trude. I don't believe these characters are misrepresented; they are simply being true to their natures. We would trade spells and recipes, and tell stories by firelight. The question is, would I survive the meal?"

Thank you, Angie, for asking me to participate, and for running such a wonderful series on your blog!

[Image header credit: Ivan Bilibin Illustration to The Tale of Golden Cockerel (1906)]