Berry Moon, Bound


To benefit the Interstitial Arts Foundation Auction, I created a book out of Camilla Bruce's words. Camilla's story is one of many to be found in Interfictions 2, the second anthology of interstitial fiction from the IAF.

I chose Camilla’s story to work with because it so wonderfully describes the relationship between artist and muse. It is said that the muse – whether she dictates writing, binding, beading, singing or painting – knows her artist more intimately than anyone else. It is also said that we must not neglect our muses. In ancient times, shrines were built to honor the muses and cults existed which venerated them at springs or fountains or caves. Today some believe that the muse is no more than a myth.

When I begin to bind a book, the text with which I am working becomes my muse, informing the color, shape and structure of its eventual container. For this book, the text of the story clearly revealed the colors, texture and decoration of the finished piece. It is the text that creates the book; my hands are merely the tools through which the story operates. I find that my work flows more smoothly when I maintain an awareness of the muse who guides me. This book came into being like magic; there was no hesitation between its initial layout and the final bead being tied to the spine. I can say, after binding it, that the muse is no myth. She is real, and this is my offering to her.

[Header & photo credit: Interstitial Arts Foundation, 2009.]

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