Fiction. Non-Fiction. Fantasy.

Most written under my previous name, Erzebet YellowBoy.

Sleeping Helena


Sleeping Helena, Prime Books, 2010.

“A darkly poetic retelling of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale, lingering in the reader’s subconscious long after the last page is turned.” —Publishers Weekly

The Bone Whistle, Juno Books, 2007.
Written as Eva Swan.

“Much like a steaming espresso, it’s a great shot of really hot, really tight fiction poured into small package that packs a hard punch.” —Book Fetish


Land of DreamsMasque Books, July 2013.

In a place where even one’s wildest dreams can come true with no more than a thought, everything is exactly what it seems — until one unwitting catalyst changes everything.

Every in BetweenMasque Books, September 2013.

For three long years I survived on the empty streets and back alleys of my city, searching for, but never finding, an exit. And then, one day it happened. I got out and you won’t believe what I found.

The Bone WhistleMasque Books, February 2014.

Darly thought she was human, and believed her father was dead, until the day her grandfather gave her a whistle that could bring ghosts back from the other side. 

FingerbonesMasque Books, May 2015.

Bones call to bones. Forbidden magic rises. Two women stare death in the eye. One of the women will perish. The other will discover what it means to be alive.


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How Billy the Conqueror Took Back the GreenwoodGrendelSong, October 2015.


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Tricksters Are Spinning My HairMythic Delirium, 2010.


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