Author: Erzebet
I believe in magic.

Fairy Tale Friday with Angie Rega

Angie Rega and I discussing fairy tales in her Fairy Tale Friday series. It’s not just me, though. She’s asked a whole host of authors the same five questions and their answers are delightful. Won’t you join us?

Copper pots and lids

Meet my imaginary friend, Billy

“How Billly the Conqueror Took Back the Greenwood” is now available to read online at Grendelsong magazine.


writing for the joy of it

It doesn’t seem very popular, this idea that writing is a joyous activity, or that a person would write for no other reason than the sheer joy of doing it. But what if the work itself brings you joy, and what if your story makes you laugh out loud? That’s what Billy does for me.

in the forest

Crash Bang

None of my stories have the crash-bang-wallop so popular these days. My inspiration comes from the forest, where a seeming quiet reigns. People think nothing happens in the forest, but they are wrong.



Bones call to bones. Forbidden magic rises. Two women stare death in the eye. One of the women will perish. The other will discover what it means to be alive.

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time: New Fairy Tales

This collection of newly imagined fairy tales includes my story “The Mirror Tells All” as well as stories from some of my favourite authors.

Every in Between

Every in Between

A dystopian, polyamorous romance, newly released from Masque Books.

Land of Dreams

Land of Dreams

A fanciful story that takes place in a fanciful setting in which I weave a few mythic figures together with an anxious young woman to create a story about small triumphs.