Mixed media assemblage, spanning the years 2005 to 2010. New work gets blogged about as it happens.

Anamnesis: Shadow Boxes (2009-2010)

These pieces explore the foundation of the book and its contents and the function these items serve. Blank pages, bones, leaves, binder’s materials and accompanying matter are housed in shadow boxes, as though seen from behind the imperfect glass of memory.

The Eastern Sea: Natural Assemblage (2007-2008)

The beaches at Cape Cod are made of tiny grains of quartz. Storms wash up old glass, the bowl of a pilgrim’s pipe and bricks as smooth as any polished stone. Lobster nets tangle with driftwood, and some who walk the beach leave sculptures of feathers, shells and rocks for other sojourners to admire. It was a privilege to work with all of those gifts, and better still to work with Aria Nadii in the creation of these new works. Her miniature paintings and fragments of other work in progress were treated as found objects along with the rest of the things I salvaged from the tide.

The Dead Shore: Bone Panels (2005-2006)

The panels contain fragments of hewn slate, dusted and primed so the original surface of the stone is left intact. Each reveals a hidden shape or form which guides the application of bones and other found objects. The bones were collected on the beaches of a dying Nebraskan lake and are the remainders of birds, fish and deer that were buried beneath the sands. Leaves, petals and other bits were culled from my garden.