Fairy tales. folklore. magic.

Erzebet Barthold

I am an author, artist, editor, bookbinder, and independent publisher. I am inspired by fairy tales, folklore, and the wild places in the world.

My story as an artist/binder began in 2001, in the arts district of Philadelphia, where I founded Papaveria Press, a micropress devoted to miniature books and the literature of the fantastic. In 2008 I went on to co-found, with my husband, Hadean Press, an esoteric press exploring the union of myth and magic, and am now the managing director of Hadean Press Limited. I am a member of the Society of Bookbinders, the Miniature Book Society, and am a co-founder and editor-in-cheif of Cabinet des Fées, an online journal of fairy tales (currently on hiatus). I am also co-director of the Magickal Women Conference LLP, a partnership celebrating women in the occult and the arts.

My book art has made its way into the working collection of the Minnesota Center for Book Arts and my art and bindings can be found in private collections around the world. I am self-taught, but no woman learns in a vacuum. The wonderful subscribers of Book_Arts-L, the lovely Richard Norman of Eden Workshops, the Center for Book Arts — all of these and so many more have helped me on my journey. I give back by donating work to good causes when I can.

Interviews, reviews, media.

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