Here is where the spirit thrives

I’ve been thinking a lot about recent events, as I know many of us are. These seem like shocking times to be alive. In 2012 Neil Gaiman gave the Keynote Address at the University of the Arts. It’s made the rounds of the internet since then…

binding the fairies

Binding the Fairies

My latest project is a miniature edition of Folger ms Xd 234, also known as “a spell to bind the seven sisters of the fairies to you for ever” which you can see in its original glory here on the Folger website. It’s actually four spells…

sun over the Worth Valley

the sun over the valley

It has been a difficult couple of weeks. Two weekends ago I was in London, having the time of my life, visiting an old friend, seeing the sights, lurking in Brompton Cemetery at night. Unfortunately I brought a nasty case of bronchitis home with me. Recent…

studio 2016

Setting up the Studio

I’ve been back in England for eight months now. You wouldn’t think it would take so long to feel comfortable in your working space, but it can, especially if your space isn’t conducive to your work. The problem I had was that I put everything in…


Cyprianic Cartomancy

Here we diverge from fiction and move into magic. A new release from Hadean Press, combined with a tiny bit of history and a bit of promotion for another book which has forever changed the way I read tarot.


A magical evening in Haworth

Ursula Holden Gill was introduced as a “shape-shifting scalliwag” by our hosts, the Worth Valley Storytelling Guild, and that is exactly what she was. At first she appeared as an ordinary woman wearing a pair of clogs, but then she was a deer in the forest, and then a witch, and then an ogre’s wife.