Billy the Conqueror

Fairy stories for young readers.


Billy is a nine year-old obsessed with William the Conqueror. She, along with her steadfast troop of five (including Jack, her best spy, and a wandering archer called Millie), rule over the small village of Greenwood on the edge of a wild forest.

They exist in a timeless old England, where fairies and dragons and enchanted objects are entirely taken for granted. Billy faces countless threats to her idyllic village life, but she never backs down from a challenge, because no one, and I mean no one, messes with Billy the Conqueror.

Am I right?

1. How Billy the Conqueror Took Back the Greenwood

2. How Billy the Conqueror met the Queen of the Fairies

3. Billy the Conqueror and Miss Bagley’s Home for Orphaned Changelings

4. How Billy the Conqueror Outsmarted a Witch and Got a New Drum

5. Billy the Conqueror and the Case of the Missing Sheep

6. Billy the Conqueror Meets a Time-travelling Knight


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