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1st September 2016 / studio

Has England been good to us since we returned? Yes, she has indeed. But it wasn’t until my studio felt like a studio that England felt like home.

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15th August 2016 / studio

Here we diverge from fiction and move into magic. A new release from Hadean Press, combined with a tiny bit of history and a bit of promotion for another book which has forever changed the way I read tarot.

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17th February 2016 / stories
19th January 2016 / studio

Ursula Holden Gill was introduced as a “shape-shifting scalliwag” by our hosts, the Worth Valley Storytelling Guild, and that is exactly what she was. At first she appeared as an ordinary woman wearing a pair of clogs, but then she was a deer in the forest, and then a witch, and then an ogre’s wife.

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6th November 2015 / studio

Angie Rega and I discussing fairy tales in her Fairy Tale Friday series. It’s not just me, though. She’s asked a whole host of authors the same five questions and their answers are delightful. Won’t you join us?

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31st October 2015 / studio
16th October 2015 / studio

It doesn’t seem very popular, this idea that writing is a joyous activity, or that a person would write for no other reason than the sheer joy of doing it. But what if the work itself brings you joy, and what if your story makes you laugh out loud? That’s what Billy does for me.

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29th August 2015 / studio

None of my stories have the crash-bang-wallop so popular these days. My inspiration comes from the forest, where a seeming quiet reigns. People think nothing happens in the forest, but they are wrong.

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1st May 2015 / studio

Bones call to bones. Forbidden magic rises. Two women stare death in the eye. One of the women will perish. The other will discover what it means to be alive.

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29th October 2013 / studio