I am an author, a publisher, and a book artist & binder working in the mythic tradition.
I believe that stories save lives, and that books are small gods.
I also believe in magic.

The Gift by Erzebet Barthold

My written work has been published by Prime Books, Lethe Press, Masque Books, Tor Books, Clarkesworld, Fantasy Magazine and more. Most of these works were written under my previous name, Erzebet YellowBoy. Here is my full bibliography.

A selection of my book art and mixed media can be found here, but most of my work as a bookbinder and book artist can be seen in the catalogues of Papaveria Press, a micropress devoted to fairy tales and fantasy, and Hadean Press, an esoteric press exploring the union of myth and magic. I am also the co-founder and editor of Cabinet des Fées, an online journal of fairy tales.

Some of the short stories on this site were previously published, most of them were not. I am currently writing fairy stories about a young girl called Billy the Conqueror, as well as two works of non-fiction: The Occult Symbolism of Fairy Tales and We Were Always Here: 100 Years of Women in Science Fiction and Fantasy. Updates from the studio make up the bulk of the site, and include new publications, artwork, field trips, and musings on the creative life.

I can be reached at erzebetbarthold@gmail.com.